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What We Do

Our Air Quality Program is the local air pollution control authority that works collaboratively with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Air Pollution Control Division.

We are responsible for sampling our air at various monitoring locations in the valley, issuing open burning permits, complaint investigation and response, issuing air watch alerts, and maintaining certifications for opacity and odor evaluations.


Improving Air Quality
How can you better air quality?

Mesa County Health Department is committed to maintaining and improving the health and environment of Mesa County residents. Air pollution can cause irritation to eyes and nose and make it difficult to breathe. Pollutants can be especially hard on sensitive individuals, such as people with heart and lung conditions. Trees, crops, and wildlife are dependent on clean air, and it’s our responsibility as a community to keep pollution to a minimum.

• Reduce vehicle emissions.

   ₀ Carpool, ride your bike, walk, or use public transportation whenever possible.

   ₀ Combine trips when running errands.

• Break idling habits.

   ₀ Turn your vehicle off when waiting for your kids after school.

   ₀ Go inside of a restaurant instead of using the drive-thru.

   ₀ Avoid warming your car up before leaving the house during winter months.

• Learn before you burn.

   ₀ Compost or chip your yard trimmings instead of burning them.

   ₀ Take yard waste to the landfill if you don’t compost at home.

   ₀ Make sure your woodstove is EPA approved.

   ₀ Check for any Air Watch Alerts before you burn.



Open Burn Permits

Everyone is required to have a permit for Open Burning.

here to learn more about burning guidelines in Mesa County and to apply for your permit. 



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*Fruita Office: 249 N. Plum St. Fruita, Colorado 81521
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 20,000, Department 5033, Grand Junction, CO 81502-5001

Main Phone Number (970) 248-6900
Emergency Response Line (970) 254-4120
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Monday - Thursday 8 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Friday 8 a.m. - Noon

*Fruita location: Limited hours & services, call (970)248-6906 for an appointment.