Body Art

What We Do

Our staff annually inspects any establishment that performs procedures related to body piercing, tattooing, permanent cosmetics, branding, sculpting and scarification, ensuring cleanliness and proper procedures in compliance with local and state regulations. We investigate all complaints, reports of illness and provide technical expertise to body art professionals.

Always make sure an establishment has been inspected and has a current certificate posted before your procedure.

If you want to operate a body art establishment and need an inspection, call Mesa County Public Health at (970) 248-6900 or email

If you’re aware of an artist operating without certification, contact Mesa County Public Health at (970) 248-6900 with an address or phone number for the artist.

Please note, some permanent makeup establishments are supervised by physicians and are not regulated by the Mesa County Public Health.

The establishments listed below have a current, valid certificate of inspection from the Mesa County Public Health: