Women, Infants & Children

What We Do

This supplemental food program focuses on helping women make healthy choices for themselves and their families. We offer individualized nutrition education and provide referrals to other programs within the community. We also offer breastfeeding information, support and referrals.

Our staff can help with a variety of topics, including meal planning, maintaining a healthy weight, picky eaters, learning your baby’s cues, working and breastfeeding, and shopping on a budget.

WIC is for all kinds of families: married and single parents, working or not working. If you are a father, mother, grandparent, foster parent or other legal guardian of a child younger than 5 years old, you can apply for WIC. We provide those who qualify with eWIC debit cards to buy free, nutritious foods to help with grocery bills, making shopping easy. On average, families receive $62 per person in benefits per month. Click here to learn more about what WIC can do for your family!

WIC has two locations in Mesa County – Grand Junction and Fruita.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Pregnant woman
  • Mesa County Resident
  • Breastfeeding woman (up to one year after the delivery of a baby)
  • Postpartum woman who is not breastfeeding (up to 6 months after the delivery of a baby)
  • Infant
  • Child up to the month of his or her fifth birthday

If you are currently enrolled in Medicaid or SNAP or TANF, you automatically qualify for WIC.

In order to be financially eligible for WIC in Colorado, a participant’s combined gross family income cannot exceed 185% of the federal poverty level. To review the WIC eligibility table in English and Spanish,  click here (English) click here (Spanish)

Foods provided by WIC: Fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, beans, cheese, peanut butter, whole grains and cereal. After six months of age, baby foods are also included.

Apply for WIC: Call our office at (970)248-6914 and our staff will assist with the application process.