If you’re struggling, or know someone who needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK or text CO to 741741.


Suicide Prevention is a priority for Mesa County. 

An annual report is prepared in collaboration with Mesa County Public Health, Mesa County Coroner, and the Mesa County Suicide Prevention Coalition. The group collects and analyzes data to understand suicide trends and key findings. The report is used for planning and implementation of prevention activities across Mesa County.



In contrast to previous years, people who died by suicide in 2021 were less likely to have a known previous attempt and a much higher incidence of intoxication at the time of death. They were also more likely to be impacted by multiple types of stressors at the time of their death. Stressors include things like relationship, financial, legal, or health challenges.

Data was collected on suicide attempts and suicidal ideation resulting in an emergency department visit. For every death by suicide in 2021, there were approximately twelve suicide-related visits to an emergency department in Mesa County. Youth had the highest number of visits for suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts.

All health outcomes, including suicide risk, are connected to how people live, work, worship, learn, and play. The report details how these factors can be addressed to reduce suicide risk. 

Examples include,

  • Feeling connected to other people; schools, neighborhoods, workplaces, faith communities, and cultural groups protect people from suicide risk.
  • Economic stability increases resilience and reduces financial stress – a risk factor for suicide.  Policies and practices for increased food security, affordable housing, family-friendly employment, and access to affordable, quality child care are suicide prevention efforts.



Innovative programs and activities are underway in Mesa County by healthcare, government, business, and nonprofit organizations.

  • Gun shops and pawn shops participate in Colorado’s Gun Shop Project, providing information about suicide risk and distributing gun locks to encourage safe storage of firearms.
  • In 2021, over 700 pounds of medication was disposed of at Take Back sites.
  • In 2021, the Suicide Prevention Coalition, in collaboration with the Mesa County Coroner’s Office, hired a Suicide Loss Coordinator who supports valley residents who have recently lost a loved one to suicide. 

The Mesa County Suicide Prevention Coalition works towards its goal of reducing suicide by 20% by 2024.

View the complete annual report here.