• School is in session, but summer isn’t over just yet. Temperatures are still reaching the low 90s, making it dangerous to leave children and/or animals in vehicles.
  • Car interior temperatures can rise almost 20 degrees Fahrenheit within the first 10 minutes, leaving anyone left inside at risk for serious heat-related illnesses in vehicles in 2014.
  • These tips help parents and caregivers remember a child is in the backseat.
    • Make a habit of looking in the backseat every time you get out of the car.
    • Place a stuffed animal in the car seat. When the child is buckled in, place the stuffed animal in front with the driver.
    • Put your cell phone, briefcase, or anything else essential to your daily routine in the backseat.
    • Always lock your doors and put away keys and fobs, so kids can’t get into the car without your knowledge.
  • If you see a child or a pet in a car alone, do not hesitate to call 911.

  • School lunches should include fruits, vegetables, grains, protein and dairy.
  • Substitute sugary snacks for fruits or low-fat, low-sugar yogurt. Avoid sugary drinks like soda or concentrated juice.
  • Chose foods that vary in color – aim for three different colors.
  • Don’t insist that your child “clean the plate.” Forcing your child to eat can cause feeding problems later in life.
  • Encourage older children to help with planning, shopping and packing school lunches throughout the week. Make it fun!
  • Get creative – Visit the Healthy Mesa County Pinterest Healthy Meals board for fresh ideas.