World No Tobacco Day is May 31, making it a great time to quit using tobacco.

Chewing or smoking tobacco increases the risk of multiple cancers including
lung, kidney, throat and cervix. Users also see increased risk of heart disease
and stroke, respiratory health issues, reproductive health issues – in both men
and women and oral health issues.

of quitting tobacco use include:

  • Lowered risk for
    lung cancer and many other types of cancer.
  • Reduced risk for
    heart disease, stroke, and infertility in women of childbearing age.
  • Reduced
    respiratory symptoms.
  • Colorado adult
    smokers save $1,390 annually, on average.
help quitting? Try these quit tips:
  • Make a plan.
    Pick a date to quit, and make a list of reasons for wanting to quit.
  • Get rid of your
    tobacco products and related items, such as ashtrays, lighters and matches.
  • Let family and
    friends know you’re quitting. Ask them to be supportive.
  • Exercise
    cravings away. Go for a walk or play with your kids.
  • Check to see if
    your insurance policy can help cover the cost of smoking-cessation
  • Don’t give up.
    Most people have to try several times to quit. Stick with it.
Visit for more quit tips and other resources.