Mesa County Board of Public Health

Mesa County Public Health is governed by a five member volunteer board, the Board of Public Health. The Mesa County Board of County Commissioners is responsible for appointing these board members who serve a five year term. For more information on the roles and responsibilities of a local board of health, please read Senate Bill 08-194.

Thank you to our outgoing Board of Public Health leaders.

Will Hays, MSSW

Errol Snider, MHRM

Gretchen Gore, MNM

Deborah Monaghan, MD, MSPH

Current Board of Public Health

Janet Rowland

Janet Rowland is serving as the County Commissioner for District 3. 
She has three decades of experience looking for ways to build community partnerships to solve problems, especially for the most vulnerable. She continues to advocate for children in need, hard-working families, mental health, and economic growth.

Janet and her husband Lance have two children and three grandchildren.

Janet Rowland represents the county on these boards and commissions:

  • 2023 Chair of the Board of Mesa County Commissioners
  • Board of Public Health
  • Colorado Counties, Inc. (CCI) Justice & Public Safety, Health & Human Services Committees
  • Colorado Child Abuse Prevention Council
  • Colorado Opioid Abatement Council
  • Community Corrections Board
  • Community Services Block Grant — Tri-Partite Board (Public Health)
  • Colorado Child Welfare Allocation Committee
  • Colorado Workforce Allocation Committee
  • Criminal Justice Advisory Committee
  • National Association of Counties (NACo) — Human Services Legislative Steering Committee
  • Mesa County Regional Opioid Board

Interim Board of Public Health members were be appointed by the Mesa County Board of County Commissioners on May 24, 2023.

  • Mona Highline

  • Michael J. White, M.D.

  • Victor Yahn, F-ABMDI

Apply online if you are interested in joining the Mesa County Board of Public Health.

Access the form on the Mesa County website.