Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) announced a partnership with the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce to recognize businesses taking necessary precautions and following guidelines to ensure customer safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. After a brief pause, MCPH is pleased to announce the return of the Protect our Variance program.

“So many businesses are doing such a great job to protect their customers, we want to highlight their great work as well as provide a resource for residents to know the places that are implementing these safety measures as intended, and taking every precaution to protect our community,” Mesa County Public Health Executive Director, Jeff Kuhr, said.

A five star (☆☆☆☆☆) rating will be given to businesses who earn a score of greater than 45 out of 55 during an on-site safety inspection done by MCPH staff. In addition, the establishments must score maximum points in key areas. The business will be given a window cling to display for their customers and be featured as a partner in a resource list in online and print advertising.

“It is our hope this program will provide residents a comprehensive list of places they can feel confident every precaution is being taken for their safety,” Kuhr added. This partnership highlights some of the innovations local businesses have implemented and provides residents with a resource guide of places they can go where they know there are strict measures in place for customer safety. 

Businesses interested in joining the program should first submit a business safety plan to Mesa County Public Health. If that plan has been submitted and you are interested in joining this recognition program, fill out this form.

Visit this page on our website to view our partners so far, this list will be updated each week.

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