Groundwater contamination can affect the
quality and safety of private well drinking water. As a community, we can
prevent groundwater contamination and ensure our neighbors have access to safe,
clean and healthy drinking water.
Pollution from human activities, poorly
maintained septic systems and improperly abandoned wells, all contribute to groundwater
Do your
part to protect our community groundwater:
  • Learn about your
    well and proper maintenance at
  • Test your water
    • Our regional
      lab provides EPA-certified water testing for public and private systems.
  • Properly
    maintain your septic system. Click here for tips.
  • Store and
    dispose of hazardous substances, such as gasoline, oil and pesticides,
    • Contact the
      Mesa County Hazardous Waste Facility at (970) 256-9543 for more
  • Retire abandoned
    wells on your property.
Mesa County Health Department offers
water testing. Call 970-248-6900 or visit for more info or
to request a kit.
Healthy drinking water takes community
effort. Let’s conserve it and keep it clean, together.

For more information,
call or text Katie Goddeyne at (970) 644-7980 or visit