Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese (right) made a home visit with MCHD NFP Nurse Amber Mackey (center) last week. She got an inside look at Mackey’s role in the lives of Erin Jackson and her daughter Aria Jackson.
Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese accompanied Mesa County Health Department (MCHD) Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) Nurse Amber Mackey on a home visit, last week.
Pugliese got an inside look at an actual home visit between NFP mom Erin Jackson and her 14.5 month old daughter Aria Jackson and Mackey.
Erin started with NFP in June 2015 when Aria was just five days old.
Mackey, who has been with the program for 3.5 years, covered behaviors, nutrition, parenting challenges and answered questions during the visit.
The visits cover lots of topics, ranging from language development to nutrition. 
MCHD NFP has 11 home visiting RNs and is accepting new clients!

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