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Community Initiatives

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What We Do


Our team works with local partners through these initiatives to address the needs of our community. These needs are identified through a collaborative Community Health Needs Assessment process conducted every three years in partnership with our hospitals. We build data-driven action plans that guide our community work and ensure collaborative progress toward shared goals.

Initiatives We Support

Our team serves as an integral part of each of the below initiatives as we work to improve the quality of life in Mesa County.

Community Transformation

Strengthens relationships between residents and organizations to build community and create solutions to neighborhood challenges.

Mental Health

Addresses community-level challenges such as access, workforce, and affordability in order to provide needed behavioral health care across the community.

Suicide Prevention

Promotes and implements community-based strategies for suicide prevention including access to care, lethal means safety, increased connectedness, economic stability, education, and postvention services.

Child Maltreatment Prevention

How are the Children? ®

Prevents child abuse and neglect by supporting families, educating parents, and engaging community members to ensure children are well in Mesa County.

Spanish Advisory Council

Works with partner organizations and community members to facilitate changes that positively impact the Latino, migrant, and Spanish-speaking communities in Mesa County.


Plans, creates, and maintains trails across the Grand Valley, with a focus on increasing access for locals and beginners.

Substance Abuse Prevention

Addresses substance abuse in Mesa County through strategies focused on prevention and education, treatment, and recovery.

Healthy Mesa County is a partnership to improve the health and well-being of Mesa County residents.

Healthy Mesa County provides local agencies the opportunity to achieve greater results through aligned objectives and strategies. An organized community effort can truly affect change.