These chairs represent the community members Mesa County has lost to suicide in the last five years.
Photo courtesy Logan McLennan Media
Since 2010, 213 Mesa County residents
have completed suicide in Mesa County. 
As a community, we need to understand warning signs, risks and be connected with one another to reduce the number of suicides in Mesa County.
A number of factors related to
connectedness put people at higher or lower risk for suicide, including mental
or physical illness and substance abuse and access to effective clinical care
for those disorders.
Strong positive relationships with
trusted, caring adults can protect against suicidal thoughts and behaviors.
People who are connected with other individuals are less lonely and feel less
socially isolated.
Positive attachments to community
organizations, like schools and faith-based groups, lead to an increased sense
of belonging.
Reaching out to friends, family
members and coworkers can mean the difference between life and death. Get
people involved in local activities and groups and know your resources.
Multiple local and national resources
are available to Mesa County residents:

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