Multiple wildfires and tropical storms are happening throughout the nation. These emergencies serve as reminders that disasters don’t plan ahead, but we can.

Taking time to prepare for an emergency now can make a big difference in keeping your family safe when disasters, such as wildfires, massive snowstorms, floods or extended power outages, happen here, in Mesa County. Take the time to communicate your emergency plan with your family.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have you packed an emergency kit?
  • Have you talked about your family’s emergency plan – one that will still work if cell service fails?
    • Have you practiced that plan?
  • Are you signed up for local emergency alerts?
  • Do you have CPR or first aid training?

Pack a kit with:

  • Water – one gallon per person, per day for at least three days.
  • Food – easy-to-make and won’t spoil. Don’t forget to pack a manual can opener.
  • Flashlights, extra batteries, cell phones with chargers and a battery powered radio.
  • First aid kit, a seven-day medicine supply including prescription drugs, emergency blanket and toiletries.
  • Copies of important documents such as insurance cards, immunization records and emergency contact information.
  • Multipurpose tool, extra cash, map(s) of the area and an extra sets of keys.
  • Remember to include supplies for babies, pets, older individuals and those with special needs.

Keep in mind, these are all items you need in your daily life, so make it part of your routine to rotate through them now and then. Look at the expiration dates on the medications in your kit and be sure to keep them up-to-date by using them as you need regularly. Learn about storage life of dry foods here and plan some meals using your supplies when their end of shelf life approaches.

In the event of an emergency, skillsets such as CPR and first aid training come in handy. Information will also be key during a disaster, so sign up now or update your profile for the Grand Junction Regional Communication Center Emergency and Community Notification System.

Don’t forget, emergency situations can happen anywhere. Discuss these same topics with your boss and coworkers. Make sure you know your safety plan, ahead of time.