Make a commitment to yourself and to
your family to quit tobacco in 2017, no matter how many times you have to start
Quitting tobacco isn’t an easy task.
Sometimes it takes more than one try – in fact, that’s normal. Quitting is a
journey and the Tobacco Free Team wants you to embrace yours.
The first of four 2017 Mesa County
Smokeout Quit Dates is Jan. 19. If you’re ready to quit, find resources that
work for you at
Tips to
quit in 2017:
  • Make a quit plan. Find local resources
    that work for you and your lifestyle.
  • Tell your friends and family about
    your plan.
  • Recognize your smoking triggers and
    get rid of them.
  • Reward yourself for making it to
    timeline goals.
  • Be kind to yourself – quitting isn’t
    easy. It might take a few attempts.
Simply beginning to frame your quit
plan is a great first step towards your quit journey. Ask yourself, what could
you gain from quitting? How would it affect your daily life? How would it
positively affect the lives of your friends and family?
The Tobacco Free Team consists of
officials from Mesa County Health Department, Hilltop, Primary Care Partners,
St. Mary’s Hospital, Marillac Clinic, School District 51, Rocky Mountain Health
Plans and Foresight Family Physicians. Each agency brings a program or outlet
to the table to help Mesa County residents quit.
Click here for more information
on the Team and the programs and services they offer.

Other 2017 Mesa County Smokeout Quit
Dates include April 20 and July 20. A fourth date will coincide with the Great
American Smokeout on Nov. 16.