In Mesa County, 26 people have been hospitalized and one adult has died from influenza this flu season. 

That total is up from the 18 hospitalizations and no deaths reported on Friday, Dec. 19. 
Influenza is a nasty respiratory illness that causes fever, aches, chills, cough, sore throat, runny nose and congestion. Its onset can be sudden, and its effect can be worse on young children and elderly adults. 
If you haven’t gotten your flu shot, do so. Even though this year’s vaccine isn’t a perfect match for the Type A flu strain going around, some protection is better than none.
The increase in hospitalized flu cases is about 10 days earlier this year. That’s a concern with the holidays looming and families gathering to celebrate. 
Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy by staying home from work, school, movie theaters, shopping centers, etc., when you’re sick. Also, wash your hands often. You can’t wash them too much. Sanitize surfaces, cough and sneeze into your elbow and avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Teach your kids to do the same.
For the latest up to date information on flu, go here.