The night for trick-or-treating, spooky costumes and candy is right around the corner. It’s a favorite for many, but it’s important to keep health and safety in mind.

Many families have started shopping for or creating Halloween costumes. Choose light-colored, weather-appropriate costumes. If the costume is made of dark fabric, consider adding reflective tape. Wear well-fitting masks, costumes and shoes to avoid blocked vision, trips and falls.

If your children are old enough to trick-or-treat on their own, plan a route together in a familiar neighborhood. Remind your kids to never enter a home unless they are with a trusted adult and to never accept rides from strangers. Flashlights and the buddy-system are always good to have when spending time outside at night, as well.

Don’t forget to inspect the goodies when the kids get home. Remove handmade, opened or expired items.

Speaking of candy, try to avoid over-eating and upset tummies by filling your kids with nutritious, healthy meals before trick-or-treating begins.

Looking for healthier alternatives for Halloween parties? Check out or Pinterest board for ideas!