The Mesa County Health Department today confirmed a child who lives in Mesa County is being treated for hantavirus.

The boy was transported to Denver over the weekend and continues to receive care there.

Hantavirus is a rodent-borne illness carried primarily by deer mice. Infected rodents spread the virus through their urine, droppings and saliva. People can catch the disease through direct contact with infected rodents, their droppings or nests or by breathing in airborne particles of the virus.

People should take precautions to avoid getting infected. Hantavirus can be deadly.


  • Open doors or windows before and during the cleaning out of sheds, barns or other outdoor structures. 
  • Plug holes or other openings in your home to prevent rodents from getting inside.
  • Especially if you live in a rural area, set traps or poisons for rodents year-round. 
  • Keep your kitchen and other indoor areas of your home clean. Store food in rodent-proof containers. Properly dispose of garbage.
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