With increased vaccine supply, Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) and our local hospital partners have significantly increased the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses administered each week in our community.

The mass vaccination site at the Grand Junction Convention Center has increased operations. In the past two weeks, the number of appointments grew from an average of 500 appointments per day to 800 per day. Next week, we expect up to 1,000 individuals will be vaccinated each day (Tuesday-Friday) by appointment; this includes both first and second doses.

“With vaccine shipments now coming more consistently, we’ve been able to really gain ground on our waitlist,” said Jeff Kuhr, Executive Director of Mesa County Public Health. “We are on track to reach our community goal of vaccinating individuals age 70 and older by the end of February.  A short time ago, I was concerned that wasn’t going to happen,” added Kuhr.

The mass vaccination site at the Grand Junction Convention Center, serving mainly individuals, is running in tandem with clinics at area hospitals, focusing on employer groups such as educators. On February 8, PreK-12 grade educators became eligible to receive vaccine.

Offering vaccine to this critical workforce is essential to ensure in-person learning is protected. Hospital partners stepped up and scheduled vaccine clinics for educators. As of Friday, February 12, all School District 51 educators and eligible staff will have been offered an appointment.

Wait times to be contacted have been dramatically reduced; we are currently contacting individuals who filled out the form approximately two weeks ago. A new feature on our website allows people to check the status of their submission

With the increased supply, MCPH estimates eligible individuals age 65-69 who signed up when their phase became eligible (February 8) will begin receiving appointment scheduling information within the next three weeks.

Additional providers, including pharmacies and community health clinics, are also receiving shipments of vaccine.  A list of providers can be found on our website with contact information.