An event served by an unapproved caterer resulted in a
Salmonella outbreak in Washington in July.  
It’s possible someone selling food on a street corner or out
of a vehicle isn’t licensed to sell. To be sure you’re buying from a licensed
vendor visit our website  to see a list of approved vendors or call us
at (970) 248-6900.
When hiring a caterer for an upcoming event, ask to see
their license. Without this license, there is no guarantee the vendor has
sufficient equipment or knowledge to sell food. If you find that someone
serving food isn’t an approved vendor, call Mesa County Health Department.
Protect yourself and the community:
  • Ask to see a caterer’s retail food license before you hire
  • Check MCHD’s website for a list of approved vendors.
  • Call MCHD to report unapproved vendors serving food.
  • If you start to feel sick, report your symptoms to MCHD.