In an effort to improve the overall health of
Mesa County, the Tobacco Free Team is encouraging residents to quit tobacco,
together on July 19 during the third of four 2016 Mesa County Smokeout quit
The Smokeouts are in response to the high
rate of both adult and teen smokers in Mesa County.
Twenty percent of Mesa County residents age
18 years and older currently smoke cigarettes. Mesa County students use tobacco
products more than students throughout the rest of the state.
  • Sixteen percent of Mesa County students said
    they would “definitely or probably” smoke a cigarette offered to them by a
    friend, compared with the 12 percent state average.
  • Six percent of students have used snus or
    other spitless tobacco. Only four percent of students statewide have used those
    same products.
  • When surveyed, 22 percent of Mesa County
    students reported being in a car while their parent was smoking a cigarette,
    cigar or pipe in the last seven days. 

If you are considering quitting tobacco, the
Tobacco Free Team encourages you to think about your reason to quit. Do you want to be healthier? Would you like to
save money? Do you want to protect your family from the negative health effects
of cigarette smoke?
When you know your reasons for quitting, you
can use them every day as inspiration to quit tobacco for good.

The tobacco free team is comprised of representatives from Mesa County Health
Department, Primary Care Partners, St. Mary’s Hospital, Hilltop and Foresight
Family Physicians.
Quit resources for residents are available at including:
  • The Colorado Quitline – 1-800-QUIT-NOW
  • Hilltop’s Tobacco Cessation Support Group –
    (970) 244-0614.
  • St. Mary’s Hospital tobacco cessation
    clinical visits at the Regional Cancer Center.
  • Primary Care Partners well-coaching and
    medication geared toward tobacco cessation.
  • B4 Babies Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program.
  • Quit For You Program by Rite Aid.
  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy resources
    sponsored by St. Mary’s Hospital. 

Not ready to quit just yet? Don’t forget, the final 2016 Mesa County Smokeout Quit
Date is Nov. 19.