Safety & Attentive driving
D-51 students go back to school on Monday, Aug.
3. Parents should establish safe routes – on sidewalks or paths or through
reduced speed zones – to school with children, and drivers should be extra
cautious in the mornings and afternoons, when kids are on their way to school.
Walking and biking to school can improve a
child’s overall health and well-being. Walking or biking a safe route with your
child before school begins will improve his or her safety.
Remind your kids to cross at crosswalks when
possible and to make eye contact with drivers before crossing. Walk against traffic.
Cyclists should obey all traffic laws, ride
single file whenever possible and ride with
the flow of traffic.
If your child is walking or biking at dawn, or
before sunrise, utilize reflective clothing or tape, or bright colored
Motorists should focus on driving. Avoid using cell phones and keep your
eyes on cyclists and pedestrians. When passing a bicyclist, give at least three
feet between your car and the bike.
We all walk, bike and drive. Let’s all share the
and work
Breastfeeding is beneficial for both mothers and
babies. The longer a mother breastfeeds, the more benefits she and baby see.
Breastfed babies:
Get sick less often.
Have fewer allergic reactions than their
formula-fed counterparts.
Perform higher on vocabulary tests at age 5.
Have less risk of becoming overweight or obese.
Have less risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
Colorado law requires a business of one or more
employees to provide reasonable time for mothers to express milk at work –
either on unpaid break time, paid break time or meal time.
Employers should provide a private room, a
supportive environment and a short break from work to allow nursing mothers to nurse
or pump.
The Mesa County Health Department Women, Infant
and Children (WIC) program offers information and support to nursing moms. Call
248-6900 for more information.

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