The holidays are around the corner, which may mean holiday
parties are on your calendar. For those of you entertaining, be sure to practice safe food handling to keep your guests healthy.
Buffets make it easy to feed guests at a party, but there
are risks associated with home buffets. If you don’t watch it, the clock can
become your feast’s enemy. Food is only good for two hours after sitting out at
room temperature, so set a timer to be safe! 
Avoid fighting the clock by keeping food within a safe hot
or cold holding range and out of the danger zone, where bacteria can grow. Double check that your food
warmer reaches at least 140°F to keep hot food safe from bacteria. Keeping food
chilled to a max of 40°F is possible without special equipment: just keep ice
handy to put underneath the plates of food. Keep a food thermometer close and
consistently check that these temperatures are met.
If you’re feeling sick, don’t prepare food. Pulling off a
great holiday party isn’t worth getting your guests sick. Ask someone else to
cook, or change the date. No one wants to be sick during the celebration, no
matter how delicious the food.
Quick tips:
  • Watch
    the clock and never keep food out for longer than two hours.
  • Periodically
    check food temperatures with a thermometer.
  • Hold
    food at the correct temperatures, below 40°F
    or above 135°F.
  • Never cook if you’re feeling sick.
Food poisoning is preventable with the right safety measures.
Happy Holidays!
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information regarding safe buffets.