Schedules are changing with the season – keeping your family
active during the school year can be tough. Kids and teens need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Most of that hour can include
moderate activities like walking or yard work. Vigorous, bone-strengthening and muscle-strengthening
activities, such as swimming or running, should be done three times a week.
Exercise helps strengthen bones and muscles and helps in maintaining a healthy weight. Physical activity also improves sleep and energy levels and decreases the risk for disease.
Help your family get moving:
  • Support your child’s participation in sports or recreational
    activities. If your child doesn’t participate in school sports, make sure he or she is being active after school.
  • Limit your child’s screen time – substitute active
    games such as tag, hide-and-go-seek or catch, instead.
  • Make time for family activities. After dinner bike rides, playing in the back yard or a quick trip to the park are fun ways to stay active and bond as a family. Even short walks can be mood and energy boosters.
  • Outdoor chores, such as raking leaves or gardening are also great ways to get your kids moving. 
  • Hit the trails! Mesa County is known for having diverse outdoor recreation, right in our own backyard. Trails and maps are available at

Living an active lifestyle will help your kids learn healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Making small changes in your day-to-day family life is a great first step!