start your summer mosquito free, prevent west
nile virus
  • The Grand Valley has weathered several
    storms this month and warm weather is fast approaching.
  • Increased precipitation levels, when
    paired with warm weather, could lead to a rapid increase of mosquito
    populations in Mesa County, opening the door for West Nile Virus cases in 2016.
  • Mosquitoes, known to contribute to the
    spread of West Nile Virus, lay groups of eggs on the surface of water in rain
    barrels, bird baths, tin cans, old tires, car bodies, cisterns, roof gutters and
    any other containers that hold water.
  • The most effective way to reduce the
    number of mosquitoes around homes and neighborhoods is to find and eliminate
    their breeding sites – standing water.
  • Mesa County had two human cases of
    West Nile Virus in 2015. We are seeing a downward trend with 15 cases in 2012,
    nine in 2013 and seven in 2014. If we work together to keep mosquito populations
    low, we can expect to see a continued low number of West Nile Virus cases, this
  • Mesa County Health Department works
    with Grand River Mosquito Control District
    to monitor mosquito populations and test for infected mosquitoes.
  • The Health Department also
    investigates confirmed human cases of West Nile Virus and can respond in urgent

ways for teens to celebrate sober this summer
  • Graduation week calls for celebrations
    with family members and friends. Festivities and activities that are alcohol free are a wise option.
  • In 2015, nearly three out of four Mesa
    County high school students reported binge drinking at least once in the past
    30 days.
  • Alcohol use plays a substantial role in all three leading causes of death among youth – unintentional injuries
    (including motor vehicle fatalities and drownings), suicides and homicides.
  • Find an alternative way to celebrate
    your accomplishments with your classmates.
  • If all else fails, simply spend a day
    exploring Mesa County, before you leave it in the fall.
  • Make healthy choices this summer.
    Start your next chapter off on the right foot!