Mesa County Health Department has
released the Reportable Disease Report in an effort to inform the community of
the most common reportable diseases found in Mesa County.
Reportable diseases are those that
labs and health care providers are required to report to their local health
department such as West Nile Virus, varicella and influenza.
Health Department officials want the
report to help residents understand how these diseases are spread and how to
protect themselves and their families against them.
The report gives residents an inside
look at the top 10 reportable diseases affecting residents, how those diseases
are spread and trends within Mesa County. Chlamydia, influenza and gonorrhea were
the top three reportable diseases in Mesa County in 2015.
“One of our main roles in public
health is education. This report is just one more way for Mesa County Health
Department to inform residents about what’s happening health-wise in our
community,” MCHD Executive Director Jeff Kuhr said. “We hope it will empower
residents to take action to keep themselves healthy, whether that be through
immunizations, good handwashing or other methods.”

The report can be viewed in full at