Grand Valley Connects began providing services this week to Mesa County individuals and families. This program is a resource hub containing experts on local services. These experts, called Resource Navigators, provide personalized referrals to services in our community and stay involved until the clients’ needs are met. Feedback from the community made it evident that our systems are difficult to navigate. Individuals often end up with a list of referrals to several agencies and numerous applications for each program.


That is where Grand valley Connects comes in. Our goals are to increase utilization of community services and simplify access to services. Grand Valley connects aims to address the most common problems for referral management systems: poor hand-offs, referral errors, lack of follow-up, finding the most appropriate service, and lack of coordinated care. The program is also building a strong data system to assess which referrals are successful and better plan for specific community needs.

“For our partners in the community, this is a tool for you. We take the guesswork out of the referral and application process. Your agency will only have to remember one phone number and we’ll take care of the rest,” assured Jeff Kuhr, Director of Mesa County Public Health.


  • Anyone in Mesa County can complete a simple form at or call (970) 683-2663.
  • The website is the best and fastest way to start working with Grand Valley Connects.
  • Resource Navigators will follow up using the format requested, either a phone call, texting, or email. They can meet at Mesa County Public Health or other places the client feels comfortable in the community.
  • Resource Navigators will use their experience and network of community resources to assist with referrals and paperwork. The team will stay connected until the community member is satisfied that all needs are met.
  • The website is available in English and Spanish. Resource Navigators can connect with English or Spanish-speaking clients.


Grand Valley Connects invites local service providers to use the referral form on the Grand Valley Connects website if clients have needs that extend beyond what’s available at your agency.