Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) has released “Tobacco in Mesa County,” a special report that highlights tobacco use in our community.

The report details:

  • traditional tobacco use rates in adults and high school students,
  • the use of electronic vapor products in adults and high school students,
  • tobacco policy, and
  • community efforts and recommendations.

“We’re concerned about tobacco use and vaping in all residents, but we are especially concerned with the trends we’re seeing among our young people,” MCPH Executive Director Jeff Kuhr said. “Nearly half of our high school students say they had ever vaped and one-third report they currently vape, which is alarming.”

Kuhr said the main concern regarding teen vaping is the effect of nicotine on the developing brain, the negative health effects from the vapor itself and the correlation between vaping and smoking. Individuals who use electronic vapor products are more likely to use traditional forms of tobacco.

“We’re proud of the community efforts we’re seeing surrounding cessation – including policies within local governments. It’s time for policy changes to happen county-wide and our team at Mesa County Public Health is committed to supporting partners such as cities, towns, schools, etc. to create new policies and amend existing ones,” Kuhr said. “The timing of this report couldn’t be better – it creates a strong platform for us to stand on to improve the health of our residents.”

Click here to read the report in full.