MCPH Urges Additional Precautions as Holiday Gatherings Approach, and COVID-19 and Influenza Circulates Putting Additional Strain on Local Hospitals

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Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) has been notified of additional positive cases of COVID-19. The total number of cases in Mesa County is now 11. 

It is essential all residents of Mesa County take action to slow the spread. We fully expect our case count will continue to increase, however, actions we take now shorten the amount of time we see a continued rise in case counts and could significantly impact severe outcomes, including death, in our community. 

“COVID-19 will have lasting impacts on our community, the state of Colorado, the entire country, and the world. We all have a responsibility to do our part,” Jeff Kuhr MCPH Executive Director, says. “We know that asking you to stay at home except for essentials is inconvenient; even a significant hardship for some, but distancing yourself from others is the best protection for you, your family, and the most vulnerable in our community. It can save lives.”

Demographic information for Mesa County is included below:

Mesa County Testing Status
Positive* 11
Negative 262
Pending 68


Gender Mesa County Colorado
Male 8 (73%) 974 (47%)
Female 3 (27%) 1,077 (52%)
Unknown 0 (0%) 12 (1%)


Case Counts By Age Group
Age Range Mesa County Colorado
0-9 0 (0%) 22 (1%)
10-19 0 (0%) 48 (2%)
20-29 0 (0%) 308 (15%)
30-39 1 (9%) 351 (17%)
40-49 1 (9%) 323 (16%)
50-59 3 (27%) 352 (17%)
60-69 5 (45%) 293 (14%)
70-79 1 (9%) 220 (11%)
80+ 0 (0%) 135 (7%)
Unknown 0 (0%) 9 (0%)

This information and more is included in a daily summary from Mesa County Public Health posted each night. You can view the summary, along with other data and information about the COVID-19 response in Mesa County on the novel coronavirus page of our website.

The first positive test result for COVID-19 in Mesa County was reported on March 14.