Families can sign up for Universal Preschool starting on January 17th by visiting During the registration process, families will answer 12-15 questions and then select their preferred providers.  If they don’t know who is participating or don’t have a current child care provider, they can browse the application to find one. Families are encouraged to ask their current child care provider if they are participating in the Universal Preschool program.



All children in Colorado can apply the year before kindergarten, and are eligible for 15 hours of  preschool. The voluntary program provides a tuition credit for children the year before kindergarten for nine months beginning in August of 2023. There are other programs available to cover costs if additional care is needed on top of the 15 hours. There are certain qualifying factors that will allow up to 30 hours for 4-year-olds and up to 10 hours for some children who are 3 years of age. This is ultimately a cost savings for participating families. 



Mesa County Partnership for Children and Families (PCF) is coordinating Universal Preschool in Mesa County. The PCF team is available to answer any questions and guide families through the registration process. You can call or email Mesa County PCF at 970-254-4106 or with any questions or concerns. 



Universal Preschool provides the funding so more children can benefit from preschool. There will be a focus on quality to ensure these young students have the foundation they need to enter kindergarten. Ultimately, this preparation can set these young students up for success in the school setting and later in life. The program will also save 15 hours of tuition costs or child care costs for 1,600 families in Mesa County, allowing them to work and apply the cost savings to other areas of the economy or toward the cost of living. This program is injecting millions of dollars directly into the community into the hands of local small businesses owners, such as family child care homes and centers.