county influenza cases have doubled in the last six days
· Since Oct. 2, 2016, Mesa County has had 11
reported influenza hospitalizations, with eight of these reported since Dec.
22, 2016.
· Cases ranged in age from six months to 86 years
with a median of 54 years, and 91 percent were female.
· During this time last year, Mesa County had just
one hospitalized influenza case.
· No deaths due to influenza among children younger
than 18 years old have been reported so far this flu season in Mesa County.
· Data from Primary Care Partners show an increase
in the percentage of clinic visits for influenza-like illness for the week
ending Dec. 24, 2016, compared to the same period last year (more than two
times higher this year compared to last year).
· As of Dec. 17, there were 145 reported influenza
hospitalizations reported in Colorado.
· For a summary of influenza activity in Colorado,
check out the state’s report here
· Flu season typically runs from October through
May, so it’s not too late to get immunized.
· Contact the Mesa County Health Department at
(970) 248-6900 to make an appointment or contact your health care provider.