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March is National Nutrition Month. The goal this month is to develop healthy eating habits that last a lifetime. Mesa County Public Health understands how the food choices we make contributes to our overall health. One of our programs, the Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC), is dedicated to providing access to healthy foods for families in the community.



WIC is a free program for children up to age five, as well as pregnant and breastfeeding women. Our team works with local families to provide free, healthy foods, like fruits and vegetables, whole grains, cereal, milk, cheese, and yogurt. In 2022, we served about 2,800 families in Mesa County each month. The average amount of food families receive is approximately $108 per month in WIC food packages. Last year, $36,000 worth of leafy greens were provided to our WIC families in Mesa County. Our team can also help families with budget-friendly eating tips and strategies on how to stretch their food dollars.

“WIC hopes to give Mesa County residents the resources, knowledge, and tools they need to be the best caregivers they want to be. We know feeding kids is hard, especially with the rising cost of groceries. We want to set families up for success by helping them with one of the basic necessities- putting healthy food on the table,” said Karla Klemm, the WIC Manager at Mesa County Public Health.



WIC also helps support breastfeeding. In 2022, our team supported a total of 3,000 nursing mothers in Mesa County. Research shows that breastfeeding can help babies build a strong immune system and lower their risk of certain diseases. It also lowers the mom’s risk for postpartum depression, as well as certain types of cancer.



Visit our website to see if your family qualifies for WIC and to sign up for the program. You can also call us at 970-248-6900 with any questions.