Mesa County Public Health shared our program’s achievements throughout 2022. It shows how our teams are all connected to a bigger picture; we’re not just working to make the community healthier and safer today- we’re improving systems that lead to sustained change over time. These accomplishments at Mesa County Public Health throughout the year ultimately show how ‘Public Health Powers Your Life.’


Several of our programs work to improve economic stability through child and family support, offering affordable health care, and helping residents maintain a steady income. 


  • Our Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) program advocates for first-time moms. In 2022, our team made more than three-thousand home visits, serving more than 250 families. NFP nurses traveled more than eighteen-thousand miles throughout the year to support these families. “We want to provide moms with the confidence and tools they need to ensure a healthy start for their babies. We envision a life of stability and opportunity for success for both mom and child,” said Amanda Jensen, a Nurse-Family Partnership Manager.



  • Grand Valley Connects offers a centralized system to help community members access services and resources to improve their economic position and their medical and behavioral health. Last year, 300 community members requested referrals and services through Grand Valley Connects. Our team connected 185 residents with 98 community partners for resources.


Aside from economic stability, two of our programs focus on increasing high-quality child care and ensuring educational opportunities for our youngest generation. 


  • Our Early Childhood Services team supports child care providers in the Grand Valley. In 2022, they performed 232 licensing inspections and 67 health inspections. “This allows parents to go to work, support their families, and provides children with a safe and healthy place to learn,” said Heather Nara, the Early Childhood Services Manager. The program also reimbursed $161,000 to child care centers for healthy meals served in their facilities. Meanwhile, the Mesa County Partnership for Children & Families issued $518,000 in grant dollars to providers. The team also helped create 127 new child care slots, and through their coaching, reached 1,400 children.


In 2022, our teams worked to promote a safe and healthy environment.


  • The Disease Surveillance & Emergency Response team monitors and works to control the spread of infectious diseases in the community. They also keep the Grand Valley safe during public health crises. In 2022, the team investigated 33 outbreaks that did not involve COVID-19. They also restocked the county’s medical cache with 40 pallets of personal protective equipment.


  • Through the Environmental Health program, we work to ensure the health and safety of food, water, and air in Mesa County. In 2022, MCPH performed 537 total inspections at local businesses including restaurants, body art parlors, pools, and schools. The team also processed 3,500 water samples. “We work with businesses that you visit every day to make sure they are operating safely and you and your family can swim, grocery shop, eat, get a tattoo, or go to school without getting sick or injured,” said Sally Born, the Environmental Health Manager at Mesa County Public Health.  


  • The trails crew at Mesa County Public Health built 10 miles of new trail at 18 Road in 2022. They also maintained 50 miles of trails in Mesa County, and were able to secure $390,000 in grant dollars. “There’s an immense amount of value that trails contribute to the overall health and well-being of our community. Quality outdoor recreation can help improve a person’s physical and social health,” said Ross Mittelman, the Trails Coordinator.


Part of our work at Mesa County Public Health includes providing preventive care for the community.


  • In 2022, the Public Health Clinic provided nearly $1 million in services including immunizations, reproductive health care for men and women, and confidential health services. The staff administered fifteen thousand COVID-19 vaccines and 765 vaccinations for kids up to age 12, including school entry vaccines. “The impact of one person receiving services in our clinic stretches far beyond the individual and helps create a healthier community,” said Allison Sanchez, the Public Health Clinic Manager.


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