The Mesa County Women, Infants & Children (WIC) program will remain open for business through January, amid the partial government shutdown. Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) received confirmation from the Colorado WIC state office that reserve funds from the previous fiscal year are available to provide both operational funding and food purchases. WIC participants will be notified early of any changes past the end of January.

Current and potential WIC participants and their families should know that no services are being cut back at this time.

  • WIC clinics will maintain normal schedules. Appointments will not be cancelled and WIC clinic staff is available to assist participants.
  • WIC transactions at grocery stores will be processed normally.
  • WIC is still accepting new participants.
    • Click here or call (970) 248-6900 to apply for WIC.

“Our biggest concern is protecting the health and well-being of our WIC families and minimizing disruptions to the best extent possible,” MCPH WIC Program Manager Karla Klemm said. “Our clinic remains open throughout January, so WIC participants should keep their scheduled appointments to avoid interruption of benefits.”

WIC improves the lives and health of its 2,800 Mesa County participants through nutrition education, healthy food, breastfeeding support and more, but it also makes a difference in our community.

  • WIC lowers Medicaid costs by helping to combat poor nutrition at an early stage rather than treating the effects once it becomes more serious.
  • For every dollar spent on WIC, up to $3 is saved in future medical costs.
  • Women who participate in WIC give birth to healthier babies.
  • Children in WIC are better immunized and are more likely to have regular health care.
  • Health care costs are reduced due to the decrease in the number of low-birth-weight babies.

“WIC is one of many early intervention programs in Mesa County that uses an upstream approach to achieve good health and a higher quality of life,” MCPH Executive Director Jeff Kuhr said. “This program ensures access to healthy foods and it lifts some of the burden off of Mesa County families, paving the way for healthy behaviors now and in the future.”

The Colorado WIC state office is monitoring the financial situation on a day-to-day basis to maximize benefits to participating families. MCPH will keep residents up-to-date on any changes.

Click here to learn more about Mesa County WIC.