What is foodborne illness?
Many misconceptions surround
foodborne illness, and it’s time to bust some myths.
Often times, the onset time for
foodborne illness is 12-36 hours, which means that the last thing a person ate
probably isn’t the culprit. It’s more likely something consumed the day(s)
before symptoms start to show that’s causing illness.
Foodborne illness is different for everyone. Symptoms and onset
times vary depending on the organism that infected an individual and how his or
her body reacts. Sometimes, it may be vomiting, another time it may be diarrhea,
or both. Talk to a doctor and call Mesa County Health Department if you think
your foodborne illness symptoms were caused by a local food establishment.
How MCHD can help:
  • MCHD investigates all food related
  • The Consumer Protection Team will
    call or inspect a facility in question.
  • The Communicable Disease Team will
    follow up with you on any possible food related illness.

How consumers can help:
  • Call Mesa County Health Department if you believe your foodborne
    illness symptoms are the result of food consumed at a retail food establishment.
    This can help prevent an outbreak in Mesa County.
  • Educate yourself on proper food
  • Call MCHD to report if improper food
    handling is observed.
  • Click here to visit our website to
    see a facility’s inspection report,
    • Critical Violations are shown in
      red. Non-critical violations are shown in blue.

Remember, only a fraction of
foodborne illnesses are reported. For example, for every reported case of
Salmonella an estimated 29 cases aren’t reported in the U.S.

Approximately 48 million people in
the United States will contract foodborne illness this year. Working together
as a community will help keep our community free of foodborne illness.