inversions and air quality
  • The cold weather seems to be slowly
    settling in the Grand Valley, bringing the possibility of temperature
    inversions with it.
  • Inversions can be problematic when
    considering pollution, as they prevent the vertical motion of air.
  • Colder air containing particles of
    pollution will hit a layer of warmer air, so pollutants cannot escape into
    higher layers of the atmosphere, affecting air quality.
  • During extended inversion periods, the
    air we breathe will contain higher concentrations of pollutants, which can lead
    to various health concerns.
  • As a community, we can work together
    to reduce polluting emissions this season by:
    • Carpooling, using public
      transportation, walking or riding bikes to our destinations.
    • Combining errands into one trip and
      plan the most efficient route to avoid traffic delays.
    • Keeping vehicles well-tuned and
    • Obeying the speed limit and accelerate
    • Keeping solvents and paints in
      properly sealed, air tight containers.
  • Burning materials contributes to
    pollution as well, so open burning is not
    during the winter months. Spring open burn season begins March 1.
  • Mesa County Health Department monitors
    air quality. Visit for the latest conditions.

healthy holiday travel
  • The holiday season really kicks off
    next week and many residents will be traveling to spend time with family and
    friends. Be sure to take precautions to avoid getting yourself or a family
    member sick.
  • Keep yourself in mind. Be sure to get
    your flu shot and make sure you’re up to date on all of your other
  • The stress of traveling, along with a
    change in both sleeping and eating habits, can weaken your immune system. Take
    the time to take care of yourself.
  • Wash your hands frequently. Make sure
    kids are keeping their hands out of their mouths.
  • Keep your company in mind. If someone
    in your family has a weak immune system or is too young to receive
    immunizations, it’s vital that you are up to date on your own to protect them
    against illness.
  • Mesa County Health Department
    recommends residents to get a Tdap immunization to avoid passing whooping cough
    to any babies or young children they may be visiting.
  • Keep your destination in mind.
    Different parts of the world carry different types of diseases. Click here to make sure you
    are up to date on the immunizations required to travel to your holiday