Our Agency

Who We Are

Mesa County Public Health, formed in 1948, provides a wide range of public and environmental health services to Mesa County residents and, in some programs, the region.

Our mission, to maintain and improve health through assessment of community health status, policy development to support effective programs, and assurance of high quality, effective education and service, is the driving force behind our programming and community collaborations.

Our services include health education, data analysis, disease surveillance and response, air quality, restaurant inspections, child care licensing, water quality, immunizations, family planning, WIC, birth and death records, Nurse-Family Partnership, SafeCare, Medicaid and CHP+, specialty clinics and care coordination.

We Value:

Wellness, Excellence, Empowerment, Community

Meet Our Directors

Jeff Kuhr, PhD, Executive Director

Diana Williams, MPH, Deputy Director

Pat Steinkirchner, MBA, Administrative Director