Mesa County Health Department is
kicking off a new Prevent T2 class series for residents. Prevent T2 is a
program designed to help people make lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of
developing type 2 diabetes.
Nationwide, 86 million Americans have
prediabetes – 90 percent of those people don’t know they have it. Based on
national estimates, one in three Mesa County residents are prediabetic.
You are
at risk for prediabetes if:
  • You are
    overweight or obese.
  • You are 45 years
    of age or older.
  • Your parent or
    sibling has type 2 diabetes.
  • You are
    physically active fewer than three times per week.
  • You ever gave
    birth to a baby that weighed more than nine pounds.
  • You ever had
    diabetes while pregnant (gestational diabetes).
Joining the Prevent T2 Program will
give you the tools and the support you need to make changes that will both
prevent type 2 diabetes and last a lifetime.
Small groups will meet with coaches approximately
once a week for six months, then transition to monthly meetings for the
following six months. Research shows this type of program reduces onset of type
2 diabetes by 58 percent overall and 71 percent overall for people 60 years of
age and older.

Find out if you qualify for the Prevent
T2 Program today – our upcoming classes start in October. Call (970) 248-6900
or visit or talk to your health care provider.