In an effort to improve the overall health of
Mesa County, the Be Tobacco Free Team, comprised of representatives from Mesa
County Health Department, Primary Care Partners, Hilltop and St. Mary’s
Hospital, would like to encourage residents to quit together on April 19 during
the second of four 2016 Mesa County Smokeout quit dates.
The Smokeouts are in response to the high
rate of both adult and teen smokers in Mesa County.
An estimated 22 percent of Mesa County adults
smoke cigarettes, contributing to the county’s significantly higher rate of death
by chronic lower respiratory diseases compared with the rest of the state.
In a 2013 survey, nearly 27 percent of Mesa
County high school students reported having smoked cigarettes or cigars or having
used other forms of tobacco in the previous 30 days.
The team hopes this localized approach to
tobacco cessation will empower residents to inspire one another to commit to
The Healthy Mesa County Facebook page features a post prompting
residents to share what tobacco has taken from them, whether that be their
health, relationships or loved ones. The post has been shared more than 100 times
and has sparked conversation among local Facebook users, bringing the community
More local resources are available at including: 
  • The Colorado Quitline – 1-800-QUIT-NOW
  • Hilltop’s Tobacco Cessation Support Group – (970)
  • St. Mary’s Hospital tobacco cessation
    clinical visits at the Regional Cancer Center.
  • Primary Care Partners well-coaching and
    medication geared toward tobacco cessation.
  • B4 Babies Baby & Me Tobacco Free Program.