Quit tobacco with your community as well as
citizens throughout the nation on Nov. 17 during the Great American Smokeout.
You’ll have the solidarity of quitting with a large group of people and you’ll
quit just in time for Turkey Day.
Quitting and staying quit is hard, but the
benefits are worth it. When you quit tobacco, you end up doing more – more with
your money, more with your time and more with your health.
The Tobacco Free Team is using the Healthy Mesa County
Facebook page

as a platform to ask residents what they would do the day they quit tobacco and
to bring users together, forming a supportive online community.
“Be a lot happier and put the money toward
Christmas for my grandkids,” one user replied.
Another wrote, “Good luck to all of those who
at least try.”
Quitting tobacco starts with a plan. Tell
your friends and family members that you’re quitting, so that they can support
you – especially throughout the holiday season, which can be stressful.
Tips to keep you tobacco free throughout the
  • Be a host – consider hosting the family
    dinner to keep yourself busy with cooking and shopping.
  • Avoid spicy and sugary foods, which tend to
    make people crave cigarettes more.
  • Keep busy at parties – Serve snacks, greet
    guests, do anything that keeps your mind off of tobacco.
  • Snack on low-calorie foods such as apples or
    carrot sticks to satisfy you without adding extra pounds.
  • Try to stay away from alcohol, which can be a
    trigger for many tobacco users.
  • Set goals and reward yourself when you reach
    them. Celebrate staying quit.

The Tobacco Free Team is comprised of
representatives from Mesa County Health Department, Primary Care Partners, St.
Mary’s Hospital, Hilltop and Foresight Family Physicians.
Click here to visit the Healthy
Mesa County website for a list of quitting resources and tools offered by the
Tobacco Free Team.