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Limited COVID-19 Restrictions

COVID-19 Dial has evolved into Public Health Order 20-38; Limited COVID-19 Restrictions (latest version linked under ‘currently in effect’), which allows counties to implement regulations at the local level while still maintaining some limited requirements across the state. There are no current public health orders in Mesa County.

The Board of Mesa County Commissioners approved the Free to Choose Resolution.  

• We ask residents to respect individuals’ and businesses’ choices whether to wear or suggest face coverings and partake in other COVID precautions.

• Businesses and agencies subject to corporate, federal, or state regulations will also continue following COVID-19 restrictions set by their higher authority.

• Mesa County establishments and agencies that choose to continue to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines or are required to do so by their governing entities will post COVID-19 requirements on their doors and their websites.

• We encourage residents to familiarize themselves with the requirements set by each specific business they wish to visit. 

MCPH continues to encourage all residents to wear a face covering when social distancing is not possible and maintain a physical social distance from others. We also encourage residents to get the life-saving vaccine at our community vaccination site or through another local provider. Immediate scheduling is open to all residents 12 years and older. Visit or call 970-248-6900, to schedule an appointment.

Public Health & Executive Orders

Currently in Effect

UPDATED 8/1/2021: Limited COVID-19 Restrictions –5th Amended Statewide Public Health Order 20-38

Recently Updated or Amended:

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The 5-Star Program is a joint Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) – Grand Junction Chamber of Commerce strategy to support local businesses that began in the summer of 2020. In the 5-Star Program, businesses are recognized for their efforts to protect staff, customers, and the community by implementing specific COVID-19 health and safety precautions. The program’s purpose has always been to give customers information as they choose which businesses to visit, and give businesses guidance on the prevention measures they wish to utilize.

Visit to see the full list of partners and specific recommendations for participating businesses.

Learn about our phased approach to allow some services to resume with precautions for COVID-19. This summary can help answer some general questions about Colorado’s Dial Framework.  Guidance by industry is provided on this page and can be printed for easy reference.