Mesa County Public Health is working with local hospitals and healthcare providers to collect samples from pre-screened patients for COVID-19. 

We are prioritizing resources for our community members at the highest risk and we will be doing sample collection by appointment only. The appointments will be scheduled after a pre-screening by your healthcare provider or a public health representative. 

In order to have a sample collected for testing, you must first call your healthcare provider to be pre-screened.  If you do not have a healthcare provider call the Mesa County Public Health COVID-19 Hotline (970) 683-2300 for a pre-screening. 

This process is in place in order to protect our healthcare workers and the community. Do not go to Mesa County Public Health, your primary care provider’s office, or an Emergency Room unless instructed to do so. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1.

“For the majority of patients, COVID-19 is not an emergency medical condition, so we’re asking residents to call first, and self isolate at home,” Heidi Dragoo, Epidemiology Program Manager at Mesa County Public Health, explains. “Testing locations, operating on an appointment basis, will serve patients with the greatest need first, and allow us to reduce the risk of exposure to residents of our community as well as protect our healthcare workers.”

The COVID-19 Hotline (970-683-2300), which has been set up as a resource for questions related to COVID-19, has volunteers ready to answer questions or direct you to pre-screening.  Your healthcare provider can also conduct pre-screening, due to high call volumes we ask that if you have a healthcare provider, call them first.