Raw cookie dough is known to be a high-risk treat, but let’s
face it, most of us have had a scoop. Eating raw cookie dough poses more than
just a Salmonella threat from raw egg consumption; it now runs the risk of
housing another bacterium: E. coli.
General Mills flour voluntarily recalled over 10 million
pounds of flour on May 31, due to an E. coli outbreak that has sickened at least38 people since December. After interviewing those infected, disease investigators determined eating raw cookie dough was a common denominator. It is
possible contaminated bags are still in consumers’ homes due to flour’s long
shelf life.
If you aren’t sure if your flour is part of the recall, it
may be best to toss it on the side of caution. This strand of E. coli can cause
bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramps or in more severe cases, kidney failure
called hemolyticuremic syndrome (HUS). HUS can cause fever, abdominal pain, fatigue and abnormal bruising and bleeding
from the nose and mouth.
Keep your family safe from this outbreak:
  • Discard any flour that could be from part of General Mills
  • Don’t eat raw cookie dough or any other food that may
    contain contaminated flour.
  • Don’t eat raw cookie dough or any other food containing raw

Click here to see a list of recalled flour.