Air Quality

What We Do

Our Air Quality Program is the local air pollution control authority that works with the CDPHE’s Air Pollution Control Division.

Our team samples our air for testing, issues open burn permits, investigate complaints and issue air watch alerts. We also have certifications for odor and opacity evaluations.

Residential open burn seasons run from March 1 – May 30 (Spring Open Burn) and from September 1 – October 31 (Fall Open Burn). Residential burn permits cannot be purchased outside of these seasons. Agricultural open burning is allowed year-round.


Submit an Air Quality Complaint


The map below is generated by PurpleAir. This grassroots organization relies on volunteers to allow air sensors to be placed on their businesses or homes. PurpleAir uses the same scale that the Environmental Protection Agency uses - the Air Quality Index scale - to compare and measure pollutants in the air.

The scale uses green for good, yellow for moderate, orange for unhealthy for sensitive groups, red for unhealthy, purple for very unhealthy and maroon for hazardous. The Air Quality Index above is also useful, but only monitors several County-wide sensors. Click here to learn more about AQI.