Blue Ribbon Award

The Blue Ribbon Award is given to facilities that go above and beyond to ensure the highest quality of services to Mesa County residents. This recognition program is open to all retail food establishments at this time and will expand to include child care facilities, body art facilities and pools in the future. Each program will have a different sent of high standards to meet to receive the Blue Ribbon Award.

Retail Food Establishments include restaurants, grocery stores, food trucks and some convenience stores. Retail Food Establishments that qualify for the Blue Ribbon Award work with MCPH health inspectors to put procedures in place such as temperature logs and self-inspection forms that set their businesses up for success. At least 90 percent of the food handlers at each business have a Mesa County Food Handler Card or a ServSafe certificate and managers are food safety certified.

Check out our current Blue Ribbon Award recipients, below!

Inspection Definitions

On-Site Intervention

An announced inspection conducted with the facility’s management and pertinent staff that results in a written compliance agreement to correct outstanding critical violations. It is conducted to address a high rate of previously cited food-borne illness risk factors and critical violations.

On-Site Education

A voluntary food safety training for management and staff. The training may be a standard, written course or a prescheduled in-service training tailored to the needs of the establishment.

Regular Inspection

An unannounced routine inspection. Critical Item Inspection An unannounced inspection that focuses on critical violations including foodborne illness risk factors. This inspection does not include non-critical violations.

Follow-Up Inspection

An unannounced inspection conducted to verify compliance with previously documented violations.

First Notice of Non-Compliance

is issued as a warning to the owner when they fail to correct at least one critical violation that was cited during the regular inspection and again during the first follow-up inspection. The notice states that a fine of $250-$500 can be issued if the violation is not corrected by the next follow-up inspection date.

Second Notice of Non-Compliance

is issued to the owner when they do not correct at least one critical violation that was cited repeatedly during the regular inspection, the first follow-up inspection, and again during the second follow-up inspection. The notice states that a fine of $250-$500 will be issued after the next follow-up inspection is conducted.

Notice of Civil Penalty

is issued to an owner because they failed to correct at least one critical violation that was repeatedly cited during a regular inspection and follow-up inspections. The fine amount is $250-$1000.

Compliance Review

is a meeting conducted with the establishment’s managers and Health Department staff to discuss negative food safety trends observed during inspections and to determine solutions to improve food safety practices.

Current Blue Ribbon Award Recipients