Spring Open Burn Season begins March 1, 2018 and continues through May 31, 2018 for residential properties. Open burn permits are available online at health.mesacounty.us.

Open burn seasons are designated times of year in which residents are allowed to burn certain materials in open piles. Open burn seasons don’t apply to agricultural burning or to campfires.

Open burn seasons allow residents to burn garden waste and weeds on their properties. Mesa County Public Health issues permits to reduce pollution in Mesa County and to protect the health of residents. Permits come with a Guide to Open Burning, which details what can and cannot be burned and when residents can open burn.

All residents need to have a permit to burn, even agricultural open burners. If you suspect someone in your area is burning illegally, contact non-emergency dispatch at 242-6707.

General open burn permits are only valid during designated open burn seasons. Agricultural open burn season is year-round because farmers burn cover vegetation to prepare soil for crop production, weed control, irrigation and other agricultural cultivation purposes. Mesa County farmers who count on their harvest as their livelihood also count on open burning.

Although open burning is an option, residents should consider alternatives to burning to keep our air clean. Consider composting – whether you’re doing so in your backyard to create your own nutrient-rich soil for your garden or house plants, or at the Mesa County Composting Facility, 3071 U.S. Hwy 50 in Grand Junction. You can also make mulch out of your dry leaves, grass clippings and tree and bush trimmings. Mulch is great for helping your soil retain water, protecting plants and improving your soil conditions.

Visit health.mesacounty.us to learn about what can and cannot be burned during open burn seasons and/or to purchase your open burn permit.