Fall has arrived. For many of us, this
season means enjoying special holiday activities and treats, like visiting
pumpkin patches and petting zoos with a cup of delicious apple cider.
Although tasty, unpasteurized cider can lead to
illness due to harmful bacteria that may
still be alive. Avoid getting sick by checking the cider label for pasteurization. If you aren’t sure whether or not your holiday refreshment has been pasteurized, just don’t drink it.
Autumn also means lots of fresh produce, like apples. In order to reduce the number of bacteria on raw produce,
run fruits and veggies under cool running water. And while you’re baking those
yummy holiday cookies, don’t eat the cookie dough – no matter how enticing it
may be.  Even cookie dough isn’t worth
getting sick over.
During those special family trips
to the farm, be sure to keep your hands clean after visiting a petting zoo.
Germs containing harmful E. coli can
be linked to animals and their environments. Some strands of E. coli can cause foodborne illness, which in some cases can be
life threatening.
Take preventive measures this
  • Avoid
    drinking unpasteurized cider or juices.
  • Rinse all produce thoroughly before eating.
  • Do not eat raw cookie dough or
    cake batter.
  • Wash your hands after visiting
    a petting zoo or using the bathroom.
  • Keep children’s hands or other items out of their mouth.
  • Leave
    food and drinks or toys outside of the petting zoo area.
  • If you think you may have contracted
    a foodborne illness contact your physician.

For more information regarding
safe ciders and e coli please visit: