Suicide is a preventable public health issue that requires comprehensive community-driven strategies. “There’s important suicide prevention work happening in our community focused on critical areas such as economic stability, lethal means safety, education and awareness, access to care, and postvention services,” says Sarah Robinson, Program Integration Manager at Mesa County Public Health.

Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) collects and analyzes data to understand suicide in Mesa County and shares key findings in its 2018 Annual Report.  Public Health recommendations are:

  • Expand amount and variety of support services for attempt and loss survivors.
  • Strengthen economic support to increase stability in food, housing, and employment.
  • Increase connectedness to enhance social capital.
  • Expand access to suicide care.
  • Maintain educational programming to generate community awareness and reduction of mental health stigma.

The Mesa County Suicide Prevention Council, created in the spring of 2017, is working to reduce suicide deaths and attempts by 20% in the next five years.  “To achieve that goal, we need to think beyond individuals and look for ways to create a supportive environment, Robinson says. “We need to bring up our whole community so individuals can thrive.”

MCPH is grateful to our community partners who make this comprehensive approach possible. 

Our Community Partners

St. Mary’s Medical Center

School District 51

Community Hospital

Mind Springs Health

911 Dispatch

Mesa County Coroner’s Office

Grand Junction VA Medical Center

Colorado Canyons Hospital and Medical Center

Mesa County Workforce Center

If you’re struggling, or know someone who needs help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK or text CO to 741741.