This week Mesa County launched a community survey, known as Tell Us.

Tell Us is a 15-minute survey for all adults in Mesa County. Mesa County Public Health Director, Jeff Kuhr, explained, “Our community members are our local experts. They know our community best and have a great vision for what they want to see in Mesa County. We mean it when we say, “tell us!” Tell us your ideas and opinions. Tell us what we should focus on for the future of Mesa County.”

The survey is available in English and Spanish and will run until July 29th. Community members can take the survey on a cellphone, laptop, desktop, or tablet. Residents can also call 970-248-6900 to have a paper copy of the survey mailed to their home. All responses are confidential and will not be shared in any manner that could be used to identify an individual.

The feedback will be used by county leadership to:

  • Understand current community member experiences with Mesa County services,
  • Plan, prioritize, and budget for future County projects, and
  • Identify trends or upcoming issues that the County may want to address.

Research and Planning Program Manager, Heidi Dragoo, discussed how the information will be used. She said, “The County will use the feedback from the community to set priorities, inform planning, and budgeting. Mesa County Public Health will use the information about social connections, outdoor recreation, and quality of life to support community initiatives to help every Mesa County resident thrive.” Current community initiatives are working to address substance use, mental health, outdoor recreation, strengthening social connections, healthy starts for kids, and suicide prevention. You can learn more about these existing initiatives here

The survey can be accessed in English and Spanish through this webpage.