All residents of Mesa County, 18 years and older, were invited to participate in a 37-question survey during the summer of 2022.

County leadership wanted to learn from the community about:

  • Progress on key initiatives.
  • Customer service and efficiency of county government.
  • Areas for future growth.

We explored responses by demographic and socioeconomic factors. This allowed our team to identify deeper findings and areas for impact.

Questions were based on these topic areas:

  • County Programs & Services
  • County’s Strategic Plan
  • County Leadership
  • County Communication
  • Community Priorities
  • Quality of Life

Areas of success identified by residents include

  • A majority of residents reported some level of satisfaction with most strategic plan activities.
  • 72% of residents agreed, to some extent, that the County Commissioners are responsive, accessible, transparent, and spending time on things that will help the community.
  • Across all demographics, the Airport, Landfill, and Fairgrounds were consistently rated as high familiarity and favorable impression.

Residents are highly satisfied with the quality and number of parks and trails.

Areas for improvement identified by residents include

  • Affordable Housing
  • Quality Child Care
  • K-12 Education
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Programs

Housing and child care had the lowest overall satisfaction as community conditions.

Review results by section.

Survey Background

County Programs and Services

County Commissioners

County’s Strategic Plan


Community Priorities

Community Conditions

Quality of Life

Internet Connectivity

Social Capital

Resident Feedback

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