Local and State Situation

According to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, (CDPHE), Mesa County is seeing an increase in syphilis cases. In 2022, the county reported 43.8% more cases than the average from 2019 to 2021. The number of syphilis cases statewide has also been steadily increasing over the last five years.

Testing and Treatment Available

Mesa County Public Health (MCPH) provides testing and treatment for syphilis. Our nurses are experts in current recommendations. They can also provide education on prevention of all sexually transmitted infections (STIs). 

Call 970-248-6900 to schedule an appointment in our Public Health Clinic. We accept all types of insurance and have a low-cost screening program as well. We can work with people who are uninsured or underinsured, so don’t let cost be a barrier.


Syphilis is a bacterial infection that is usually spread by sexual contact. It can cause serious health problems without treatment. Treatment is simple and effective.